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Excavation and Retaining Walls 

O’Neil Enterprises has the expertise and background to give your outdoor living space the touch it needs. Stamped concrete is an amazing technique for creating a beautiful outdoor space. It can be used in retaining walls, concrete patios, walkways, and more so that you can get the look of natural stone. 
We install stamped concrete sitting walls, retaining walls and rock gardens.
Make your yard the talk of the neighborhood by adding a stamped concrete patio, wall or rock garden.

Advantages of Stamped Concrete

  • It’s less expensive — Stamped concrete is usually cheaper than other paving options.

  • Choose the Color — Colors can be mixed to your specifications. 

  • Perfect shape —  A variety of shapes available to ensure they always fit together perfectly, no awkward gaps!

  • Lack of settling — Stamped concrete doesn’t settle like other types of pavement

  • Say goodbye to weeds — Stamped concrete doesn’t leave spaces for weeds to spring up.

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