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Meet the Family

Mike, Rebekah, and Michael would like to share a little about

themselves with our wonderful customers. Mike and Rebekah

met 5 years ago while they were both on vacation in Myrtle

Beach, SC. Rebekah was from North Carolina and moved up

here 4 years ago after completing nursing school. Mike has been

a New York State Correctional Officer for several years now and

wanted to pursue his own business shortly after Rebekah moved

here. O'Neil Enterprises started slow and is growing

continuously. Little Michael is now 9 years old and enjoys

helping his dad work outside and plays hockey for Clifton Park.

He has actually been learning how to use the tractor and you can

check out some video of him on our Facebook and Instagram

pages. We all enjoy working outside and relaxing on our little

farm. We are all thankful for the opportunity to start a family

owned business and have such wonderful customers to work with!


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